3M Auto Speciality Dashboard Dresser and Liquid Wax Brand: 3M


  • Restores Gloss to Paint Surfaces & Protects from UV Rays
  • The Premium Liquid Wax removes Oxidation and cleans, polishes and protects all painted surfaces
  • Forms a super-slick, protective barrier between the car’s paint and the environment, reducing the sticking and build-up of mud, tar, insects and road grime
  • Non-greasy formulation for use on dashboards, door panels and trims
  • Keeps your dashboard black and shiny, just like new!
  • Protects surface from fading and from UV rays while leaving no greasy residue

Product description

Style name:Pack of 1  |  Design:Dresser + Wax

3M IA260166326 Auto Specialty Liquid Wax (200ml)
You can clean your car and wipe your car, but you know it deserves more. Pamper your car with 3M Premium Liquid Wax. Restore your cars shine while protecting from harsh UV rays, give your car 360 protection.

3M IA260166359 Auto Specialty Dashboard Dresser (250 ml)
All day, people are getting in and out of your car. With all the hustle and bustle fine dust accumulate and the shine bring back the inner glow of your car, you need the 3M Dashboard Dresser. Bringing the gloss back to rubber, plastic and vinyl, it gives your car dashboard a UV protection with no greasy residue.

From the manufacturer

3M Premium Liquid Wax protects paint finishes while producing a high-gloss, deep-luster appearance for your old or new car. Our wax is clear coat safe and may be used on all cured paint finishes. Easy to use by hand. Can be used with an orbital polisher as well.

Special formulation is capable of removing road film or light oxidation from car finishes. When you want to create a high-gloss finish that reminds you of a new car. 3M Premium Liquid Wax delivers the look you want. It produces a high-gloss, deep-luster durable finish that withstands multiple washes on both new and used car paints. We recommend this premium wax for people who simply take pride in their vehicle and want their car to look like one on display in a showroom.


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