Grand Pitstop Motorbike Luggage Strap (Set of 2)


  • Material: Nylon: Highly Elastic and Stretchable
  • The Luggage Strap/Bungee Cord is ideal for keeping your belongings secure and easily identifiable when in transit on Motorcycle
  • The strap is adjustable and will fit a variety of bag sizes allowing for versatility and accommodating your personal needs
  • Size: Min Length : 58 cm; Max Length : 173 cm; Width: 1.5cm
  • Package Contents: 2 Luggage Straps.

Product information

Design:Luggage Strap

Technical Details

Product Description

Grandpitstop Motorcycle Luggage Strap is ideal for Motorcyclists who usually go for long rides. Now go for Long Rides and pack your luggage at the rear with these Motorcycle Luggage Straps. With high elasticity and powerful hold, these straps are compatible with bags of all sizes and weights. Secures your luggage to keep your belongings safe. Ideal for everyday use, weekends away and holidays. Made of durable Nylon strap and High-quality buckle. The max length of the belt is 173 centimeters and it is adjustable according to your package. Perfect for any overweight luggage journey or where your bag will be unattended for any length of time. Suitable for long rides and compatible with Harley Davidson, KTM, Ducati, Triumph, Indian Motorcycles, Royal Enfield and many more.

bike strap

Why You Should Buy??

Luggage Straps comes with all the features and makes it one of the most useful things for your long rides.

bike strap

Adjustable Grip

bike strap

High Quality Nylon Strap

luggage strap for bike

Elastic and Stretchable

luggage strap for bike

Easy To Buckle


1. Always find a firm spot for fixing the loop and ensure the buckles are tight before mounting the luggage.

2. Do not adjust the straps to its full length to keep room for shock absorption during jerks.

3. After unbuckling, do not leave the loose ends immediately to avoid any injury or damage.

4. Use the instruction manual provided with the product and follow the instructions for the best results. GrandPitstop is not responsible for any harm/ damage caused due to improper use of the product.


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