GRAND PITSTOP Universal Bike Mobile Holder with Charger (Universal)


  • If you are looking for a compact mount for your mobile without the cookie cutter shape, you’ve found it x-grip expands to fit a wide range of phones while keeping all of your buttons accessible
  • With spider grip you will never get lost on the road and you don’t need to worry about running out of battery on the go, the 5v 2a output can charge your mobile as fast as your mobile charger
  • The clean and clever 4 legged design sports great holding power without hiding your smartphone behind foam pads and plastic, the cradle expands and contracts for perfect fit of most smart phones
  • How to Use : Fix the Clamp on the handlebar,Adjust the mobile holder as per right angle of rider,Connect the charging wire to the battery,Connect the mobile on the mobile holder,Switch on charging. Blue light appears,Connect the mobile and check charging

Product information

Technical Details

Riders today need a navigation device on their bike to follow their destined routes. What more can be used than a Mobile! When you are riding a motorbike, a mobile holder keeps the smartphone fixed on the spot. This helps one navigate apps and travel to the destination with ease. A phone attached to the mobile stand acts as a GPS device. Smartphone battery wouldn’t last long enough when one is travelling miles here and there recording things, visiting places while using the smartphone apps. In such scenarios, it is important to carry a charger along with you. It connects with the bike’s battery to charge the device. This creates a need for a proper Mobile Holder on the Bike which can serve multiple purposes, like Charging, Holding the Mobile firmly during long trips, proper positioning as per rider’s angle etc. Mobile Holder with Charger with GrandPitstop blends all these features together and bring the perfect Mobile Holder compatible with all Bikes. With a perfect hold, it is compatible with all the Motorcycles and it very Easy to Install it on the bike as well.


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