Sheeba Rubbing Compound Scratch Remover (200 ml) (SCRC06) Brand: SHEEBA


  • Removes hairline scratches, oxidation, corrosion
  • Does not work in case of topmost layer of paint is damaged
  • Removes scuff marks, paint stains, Rub the compound
  • Against the affected part with foam applicator, until thin layer of compound remains
  • To get rid of stain scratch (refer pictures for details)

Product information

Style name:Scratch Remover

Technical Details

Product description

Style name:Scratch Remover

Sheeba Scratch Remover (200 ML) Is an international high quality product that can easily be used at garages, workshops, shops & homes. (2) Removes micro dust particles, minor hair line scratches, stains & contaminants(4) For use on cured paints to produce a high gloss finish, Advance technology cleans and produces high gloss, rich swirl free results.

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